Engineering calculation for product validation

Trailer Win Software helps to calculate technical parameters using design simulations like Stability, C.G, Turning Radius, Braking, Crane Stability, Driving factors & load calculation for Truck mounted crane, Trailers, Hook loader, Skip Loader, Aerial Lift Platforms, Road Trains, Garbage Compactor, Electric Vehicles, Truck mounted forklifts, Tippers, Cab Extensions, Caravan, Motor Homes

Product Categorisation

Before You Do It -
Take Time to Think Through It

Design Simulation and Calculation can help with the right product development or understanding how to make a product correctly at the conceptualization stage. Understanding stability factors is also an important part of this.


Truck and Trailer construction software including large chassis, crane and equipment databases in an easy-to-use interface


Turning calculations and turning simulations for buses


Crane Stability calculations for trucks and trailers


Subframe safety factor and stress calculations for crane and tailgate lifter mountings


Theoretical brake calculations for trailers


Turning calculations and advanced turning simulations


Speed and pulling force calculations for different type of engines, gearboxes and tyre

Product Specification
  • Calculating D- and V-values for trailer couplings due to R55 regulation
  • Calculating lift axle situations
  • Calculating center of gravity in horisontal and vertical directions
  • Exporting calculation data to other program modules
  • Printing and Exporting calculation data to other programs
  • Trailers and B-double combinations
  • Truck data and drawings
  • Truck bodies
  • Cranes
  • Crane stability on mobile cranes.
  • Need for additional stabilizers 
  • Identify critical lifting directions. 
  • Define safety-factor
  • Frame/subframe stress calculations
  • Suitable subframe-profile
  • Define the frame of the truck
  • Calculates bending moments
  • Gives safety factor for both rigid and flexible mounting of the subframe. 
  • Turning motion with minimum distance from center point and also the turning angles for steerable axles.
  • Where all tyres are steerable and special trailers with up to 15 axles.
  • Trucks with trailers can access load-areas and parking lanes etc
  • Offers information on engine performance, gearbox ratios and rear axle ratio.
  • The user also has the possibility to select tyres and define the vehicle mass.
  • Add own engines and gearboxes to the program.
  • DrivelineWIN is mainly used for trucks and buses, but it is also possible to calculate diagrams for passenger cars, tractors etc.
  • Air resistance calculation
  • BusWIN have several bus chassis to choose from a list with pre-defined data.. 
  • Can modify the data and give body measures to get the turning radius and rear-end outswing calculations.
  • Can give wheel angles separately for the inner and outer wheel for better precision on minimum turning radius calculations.
  • Seating Plan
  • Calculate the final weight for each wheel separately
  • Theoretical brake calculation for trailer brakes
  • Can choose: axles, tyres, brake cylinders, levers, valves (also EBS valves included), from the menu in listboxes.
  • BrakeWIN calculates braking ratio
    The coefficient of friction, brake forces, parking brake etc
  • BrakeWIN checks braking forces and friction curves for each axle separately as well as for the whole trailer.
  • BrakeWIN also calculates parking brake force and friction needed for the parking brake axles in both up- and downhill situations.
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